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Novel Model of OCA in IC and Its Implementation on Hadoop

Shulei Wei and Junping Wang
School of Telecommunications Engineering, Xidian University, Xi’an 710071, PR China
Abstract—In the manufacturing process of Integrated Circuit (IC), defects existing in real layout are inevitable. Defects cause circuit fault, which reduces the yield and increases the IC cost. Reducing the Critical Area (CA) can lower the occurrence of circuit fault. In this paper, a novel model of Open Critical Area (OCA) are proposed. Firstly, according to the net matrix and the morphological theory, the edge of nets is extracted. Secondly, the defect replications are operated on all horizontal lines and vertical lines of the edge of nets. Then, we extract the OCA extraction on nets by reducing replication times and increasing the moving distance of defects. Finally, in order to further reduce the extraction time of OCA, the new model is implemented on Hadoop. Compared with the existing model based on the net flow-axis, the experimental results on synthesized OpenSparc circuit and three nodes of the cluster on Hadoop show that the proposed model is more efficient without accuracy loss.
Index Terms—open critical area, defects, Hadoop

Cite: Shulei Wei and Junping Wang, "Novel Model of OCA in IC and Its Implementation on Hadoop," International Journal of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Vol. 7, No. 4, pp. 74-78, December 2019. doi: 10.18178/ijeee.7.4.74-78
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