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Fowler--Nordheim Tunneling at Sharp-Shaped Floating Gate Structure Modeled as Triangular Electrode

Gilang Mardian Kartiwa 1, Muhammad Amin Sulthoni 2, and Fatimah Arofiati Noor 1
1. Department of Physics Insttitut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia
2. School of Electrical Engineering and Informatic, InstitutTeknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia
Abstract—The poly to poly tunneling mechanism in a split gate memory device was studied using the Fowler-Nordheim equation. The electric field distribution between a sharp-shaped floating gate and its split gate pair was calculated by modeling the sharp floating gate as a triangular electrode. The electric field expression was then used to calculate the tunnel current density, evaluated both at low and high bias, which resemble the erasing process in a flash memory device. The results were compared with those published by Silicon Storage Technology (SST) as the inventor. It was shown that the two-tunnel current density profiles are different at a low bias regime but become more similar as the applied bias increases. This dissimilarity results from the difference in geometry used to model the sharp-tip floating gate. In spite of the discrepancy at low regime bias, it is argued that this triangular electrode model is still adequate for use as a qualitative model to simulate the erasing process, which is known to be done at high applied voltage.
Index Terms—Fowler--Nordheim, sharp electrode, tunnel current density

Cite: Gilang Mardian Kartiwa, Muhammad Amin Sulthoni, and Fatimah Arofiati Noor, "Fowler--Nordheim Tunneling at Sharp-Shaped Floating Gate Structure Modeled as Triangular Electrode," International Journal of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Vol. 7, No. 4, pp. 79-82, December 2019. doi: 10.18178/ijeee.7.4.79-82
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